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Back in the early 90s we produced a wide variety of “power packages” for the ‘93-’96 GM 6.5L diesel trucks (2WD & 4WD). These were very popular towing rigs back then and still are today. The power packages include different levels of performance gains and improved fuel mileage, which all work in conjunction with one another for MAXIMUM gains.

STAGE 1: This package includes the Turbo Technology 3″ exaust system. The Pipe is 3″ aluminized 16 gauge steel. Using the process of Mandrel Bending, the pipe is not kinked through the bends providing a smooth wide open route for exhaust to exit through. The muffler is a straight through high flow design that provides maximum flow with minimum noise increase. For ease of installation the stock hangers are utilized. With the power and mileage increases this has become the most popular upgrade for a stock 6.5L diesel truck. Power Increase - up to 26hp & 50 ft. lbs. of torque @ 2500 rpm Fuel Mileage Increase - up to 10% Installation Time: Approx. ‘92 - 2.5 hours / ‘94 - ‘98 - 3.5 hours

Stage II: The ‘94 - ‘95 diesel truck has a computer controlled engine and transmission. The fuel injection and boost levels both have room for improvement, so we have designed a computer ship to change the fuel delivery and raise the boost level. These modifications are safe but account for great improvements in performance. For the automatic trucks there is an added bonus. We improved the shifting by changing when and how it shifts at part and full throttle. The washable fabric style air filter is a lifetime filter that reduces intake restrictions by 35%. A service kit to maintain your filter is all you need to clean the filter every 30,000 miles. Finally a Boost & Pyrometer gauge kit adds the security you need. The ability to see how much boost & exhaust temperature you are running will help you get the most from your investment. Power Increase - up to 50hp & 76 ft. lbs of torque @ 2500 rpm Fuel Mileage Increase - up to 12% Installation Time: Approx ‘93 - 3.5 hours / ‘94 - ‘98 - 4.5 hours ‘96 - ‘98 Requires reporgramming of the ECM

Stage III: During recent testing of the Chevrolet 6.5L diesel engine, it came to our attention that the engine intake charge was being superheated by the turbo when climbing hills and/or towing. When this happens the horsepower level drops off dramatically. Unfortunately this is when the power is needed the most. To remedy this problem the intake temperature needs to be maintained at or close to ambient temperature. The most efficient way to do this is with an air to heat exchanger (intercooler). The intercooler cools the air after it is compressed in the turbo, and before it enters the engine. This is done by passing the air through an aluminum finned core that dissipates the heat and then returns the cooled air to the engine via the secodardy pipe. This cooler air charge and greater horsepower level is then able to be maintained while towing and /or climbing hills. Power Increases - up to 70hp & 90 ft. lbs. of torque Fuel Mileage Increase - up to 18% Installation Time: Approx. ‘93 - 6.5 hours/ ‘94 - ‘98 7.6 hours

6.5L Intercooler Kit

If you would like a packet with information about the 6.5L intercooler, please send nick@turbotechnologyinc.com an email and he’ll get you that information asap.