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Turbo Technology’s new C6/Z06 Twin Turbo System starts with CAD designed, high content nickel alloy ductile iron manifolds. Each set of manifolds are machined to your kit specifications; either LS3 or LS7. They’re coated in your favorite chromex finish (polish) or one of our six satin finishes, which are capable of withstanding exhaust gas temperatures of 2000 degrees! The manifold design has kept the turbo placement above the oil level so we’re able to use a gravity to drain the oil back into the oil pan. We cnc cut the flanges and weld ½ mandrel bent tubing for the oil drains. The oil drains are fastened to the brass pan inserts using high grade/temperature silicone couplers. The oil feed lines are -3 stainless hose with stainless fittings.


TTi Manifold Port Matched

Driver's Side Passenger Side

Installed on our manifolds is a pair of T3/T4 Turbonetics custom turbochargers. With patented ceramic ball bearing technology and the only turbocharger with a user error warranty. Turbonetics continues to deliver customer satisfaction every time. Once we receive the turbochargers from Turbonetics we machine the wastegate outlet to 1.380 and increase exhaust flow to the wastegate by 35%. These TTi spec’ed turbochargers come in various combinations, allowing optimal packages for your driving needs. For the stock LS3/LS7 motors or an automatic transmission, a ball bearing center section, with a smaller A/R housing is recommended (non ball bearing versions are available for a discounted cost and still effective and warranted). Even with the smaller A/R housings, this combination is good for over 700hp. For the forged aftermarket built motors, looking to make over 900RWHP, a larger compressor and exhaust wheel is matched to larger exhaust housing will be used. Turbocharger bearing cases can also be ordered water cooled at no additional charge.


We’ve been asked, “Why do you use Turbonetics as your turbocharger supplier?” Bob Keller the former owner of Turbonetics was good enough to me when I started my business I’ve decided to stay loyal to his company as for the ball bearing design of there products I had to chance to speak with the R/D staff at Turbonetics and this is what they had to say:

Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing turbochargers utilize an angular contact ball bearing with silicone-nitride ceramic balls. Yeah, yeah, it sounds fancy but what does this mean? It means that our unit can withstand between 1000 to 2200 lbs of dynamic thrust load vs. conventional unit’s 60 to 80 lbs. Turbonetics uses a single ball bearing instead of two, BY DESIGN. The angular contact bearing is the loading surface! The turbine-end bushing bearing acts as a shock absorber to prevent destructive rotating imbalances. The imbalance can damage the turbocharger from inside out. Through computerized modeling and high-speed rotor dynamic analysis, the floating turbine end bearing was found to be the very best way to absorb and dampen critical frequencies that are transmitted through the turbine shaft. On top of all this, Turbonetics design allows the unit to be rebuilt. Try finding a source that will totally rebuild a typical “dual ball bearing” setup. You will get the same answer every time – “buy a new cartridge”.

Turbonetics offers an unconventional warranty in the industry. We’ve been doing this since 2003. This warranty is offered on our products because we are confident in our design and performance. We don’t cover stupidity… ok, maybe just once. The warranty is part of our attractive product offering - Solid performance, extreme durability, competitive pricing, and that extra margin for safety; even for stupidity (or honest mistake, whatever, we don’t care!). We are not going to offer something we’re going to lose money on. We know units are not coming back; if they do, it’s a rare occurrence.

The downpipes are mandrel bent, tig welded, and argon purged, 2-1/2”and bolt up to your stock exhaust system with optional high-flow catalytic converters. Each wastegate discharge is reticulated back into the exhaust leaving you with the quickest and quietest wastegate discharge possible. TTi was the first to use the internally gated turbine housing for an externally gated system. Like the manifolds, a chromex polish finish or any of our satin finishes are available on the turbine down pipes and wastegated discharge pipes. Wastegates come in two different brands to suit your needs, either a 38mm Turbonetics Evolution or a Tial 38mm. Either one will hold your selected boost level. A smooth transition gets you the velocity needed for instant boost response.

Wastegates Downpipes Wastegates

As the air flows from the polished compressor housing, to the inlets of our enormous bar & plate intercooler, the intercooler ducting steps up from 2” to 2-1/2”. Each piece of intercoolered charge ducting comes with a bead rolled end to ensure you’re never left on the side of the road with a blown charge pipe.

Compressor Elbow

All intercooler ducting is manufactured from mandrel bent aluminized tubing, allowing us to deliver over 1000CFM of turbocharged air with no lag. On each custom Turbonetics compressor cover is a welded 90 degree cast aluminum elbow that out flows the average silicone coupler. Our industry leading, 2ply, silicone couplers are fastened by 360 degree lined stainless steel clamps, promising a air tight seal.

Gray Ice Satin finish on the left, Chromex (polish) finish on the right
Satin Finish Chromex Finish

Our Stage X intercooler measures in at over 27” long which is 33% larger over our dual intercooler setup on our previous system and utilizes 2 custom cast aluminum end tanks & one 3” x 3” x 3” hand made sheet metal aluminum end tank. On the left side of the intercooler, we adapted a CNC machined 50mm Tial bypass valve flanged that relieves any chance of compressor surge. Between the gigantic 3-1/2” bead rolled outlet of the intercooler and the throttle body, is the last the ceramic coated intercooler pipe. Z06 models have a CNC cut MAF flange to guarantee a stock finish and ease of installation fastened by 360 degree lined stainless steel clamps, promising a air tight seal.

Intercooler Intercooler

K&N, the leader in air filter technology, supplies your C6 and Z06 with dual 3 ” air filters with a 100,000 mile warranty that will ensure your kit is breathing healthy. You’ll never have to buy new filters again with K&N’s recharge kits.

Passenger and Drivers side turbo inlet pipes
Drivers Side Inlet Pipe Passenger Side Inlet Pipe

Corvette C6 Base Model Dyno Graph

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C6 Dyno

This was our initial results on an absolute stock C6 with a manual transmission. This vehicle made over 500hp at the rear wheels, at 7psi. This same system on a modified motor will still have the ability to make over 1000hp.

Corvette C6 Z06 Model Dyno Graph

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C6 Z06 Dyno

Obviously this is an aftermarket motor. The motor was a 427″ built by W2W. This specific vehicle was dyno tuned on 91 octane gas with a custom methanol injection kit. On only 14.5PSI, this kit managed to make over 900RWHP. That’s over 1000hp at the flywheel.

Made in America, using American made parts. There is no need to go outside the U.S.A. for high quality, twin turbo systems for your C6 and Z06 Corvette.
Ball bearing turbochargers option, cast intercooler end tanks, grey ice ceramic coating(Available for both C6 systems as an upgrade only)GM Starter Delco Part #89017664 Possibly Required on 3″ Downpipe UpgradeFreight, depending on your location starts at $250 on all kits.


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